Recent clients

Discovix expertise was used to identify revenue optimization opportunities within the Zazzle customer base.

ReadyForce engaged Discovix to quantify its marketing initiatives and customer retention. 

Discovix helped CommonCrawl, a non-profit foundation with their search engine development.  

Randavoo, a disruptive Facebook app which allows friends to meet for special events engaged Discovix to help build its user matching engine.

RedVector delivers unprecedented awareness of internal enterprise networks engaged Discovix to help build its higly scalable distributed architecture.

Glimmerglass delivers Optical Cyber Solutions to its global customers in the Cyber Security, Intelligence, Defense, Enterprise and Telecommunications industries.





Discovix is a technology start-up that provides innovative content discovery and text analytics solutions to a variety of industries.  The company was founded in 2010 by industry veterans and is headquartered in Los Angeles with additional offices in San Francisco and Washington DC.


Tenets of Discovix


DISCOVIX’s technology was built upon the following beliefs:

• Human expertise must be leveraged, as no machine can claim to know the “answer”

• Technology should be accessible to everyone and easy to use even for a technical novice

• Context evolves with knowledge, and violations of expectations can only occur in the presence of context


How have these beliefs shaped our technology?

Leveraging Human Expertise

DISCOVIX, has created a product that learns from human intelligence. Our technology leverages user feedback and inherits his/her knowledge. Using proprietary supervised machine learning techniques, the user can teach Discovix to mimic his or her own decision making process. Through a series of mathematical calculations and advanced feature extraction mechanisms, the system learns to think like the user. With limited effort, users can train the system and sit back while DISCOVIX proactively seeks important data for them. While the machine cannot claim to know the answer, it should accept the burden of effort. By teaching the machine to think like the user, DISCOVIX is able to apply human intuition at computer speed. The machine cannot replace the natural learning process, but it can enhance it.